The UAE has set its priorities in advance and has adopted digital transformation as a major tool in shaping the features of the future, and since the real fruits of digital transformation come through translating this transformation into economic and social growth that contributes to improving people's lives and achieving the well-being of society. SUHAIL’s vision came to complement these trends And through a set of solutions and strategies that seek to harness digital technologies and recruit them in the service of society.

The ultimate goal behind establishing SUHAIL is to strengthen the connection between the various elements of society through an approach that adopts culture and learning as a path towards the future.

In order to achieve this desired connection, digital content must be designed in a new and innovative way, presenting tools and products within a distinct framework that combines the idea and design and presenting them all in a modern style that focuses on the needs of users and puts their interests in the first place.

Our strategies are based on pivotal components that we set based on our visions and perceptions, all in order to chart a clear path for us to achieve our goals and aspirations.

Our comprehensive and integrated solutions define and understand customer requirements, thus fulfilling our commitments through a simplified and innovative approach based on innovation, governance and learning technologies.

Our Vision

To be a center for spreading knowledge, advancing innovation, and positively contributing to the well-being of society and achieving the happiness of its members.

Our Strategy


We accelerate the pace and make continuous efforts to go hand in hand with the accelerated march of innovation, and we have the tools and qualified employees that qualify us to be in the first positions.


We go beyond technological and digital barriers and proceed towards laying the organizational and institutional foundations related to the management of operations and the organization of human resources and the launch of training initiatives with the aim of creating a culture of continuous preparation for all developments and changes.


We redefine learning by presenting digital content in the form of an integrated package of educational and educational tools, in addition to adopting media and gamification platforms as a major part of this content.

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